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Not to diss on European mythologies but can we seriously have some fuckin’ recognition that there are religions and mythologies that are not Greek or Norse. Why the fuck did I learn about the Greeks 6 times but we never fucking talked about Africa or even really the mythologies and beliefs of native peoples? 

(Pssst from what group are these deities from?)

The Yoruba of western Africa.

i don’t have many forever reblogs

but this one is

Im actually shocked that i have never heard of these
(Im african and my family talks about the Yoruba culture alot but not about mythology)

Are you from Nigeria?

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british people will jump through their own assholes to describe the differences between accents but then refer to Africa like it’s one country.

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No thanks to UKIP and other closeted racist campaigns, this is the general opinion amongst a high number of people in the UK.

Let’s explore where this country would be without immigrants courtesy of the Huffington Post article here (x)

Let’s start with the trivial stuff. Who would serve you in restaurants or coffee shops? Who would make your sandwiches and wraps at lunchtime? What would be the point of going out to eat in the evening if there were no longer any Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Indian, Japanese, Turkish, Lebanese, Persian, Italian, Spanish and, yes, French restaurants open?

How about your health? Who’d patch you up and prescribe your medicines? Ministers and their outriders in the right-wing press like to scaremonger about the spiralling costs of so-called health tourism (which amounts to a shocking 0.01% of the £109billion NHS budget) and exaggerate the numbers of migrant families that turn up expecting free treatment in our overstretched A&E departments. The reality, as the chair of the council of the Royal College of GPs, Dr Clare Gerada, has pointed out, is that “you are much more likely to have an immigrant caring for you than sitting up in front of the emergency department”. About 30 per cent of the doctors and 40 per cent of the nurses working in the health service were born abroad. Put simply, the NHS could not survive 24 hours without its migrant workforce.

Our universities, a multi billion-pound export industry, would take a hit, too, if foreign students stayed away. One in ten students in British universities comes from outside the EU and the fees that students from other countries pay are a bigger source of income for most universities than research grants.

So yeah, before stating your racist views, maybe educate your ignorant minds and think about how the country would be affected without immigrants. 


amazing that there are living humans out there who have chosen to label other groups of people “justice warriors” and align themselves as directly opposed to them. opposed to justice. look in the mirror. tell yourself “i hate justice”. do you feel like a batman villain yet.

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burn tumblr to the ground, it’s the only way

whit girls are fucking weird


This is disgusting.

Remember, Charlie Manson’s most enthusiastic and violent followers were white women. So that should tell you plenty about the white female psyche and their penchant for fangirling over violent white males. And these are probably the same white women/girls who clutch their purses and lock their car doors whenever they see a Black person, and support cops and white vigilantes who gun down Black people.

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